Solid Lines

Ok, this is just a little rant. Around the beltway here in Virginia there are several areas where the good ‘ol VDOT construction has laid down solid lines that go on for maybe one eighth of a mile. It doesn’t matter why they are there. The fact is, they are, and some official deemed it necessary. Day after day I see commuters crossing these lines, making regular lane changes, oblivious to the the new solid markers. Did these people not take a drivers test? Do these people have no idea what they are for or are they truly just ignorant bandwagoners on their way to “Vote for change”? Maybe they’re making a statement. Something about crossing new lines? Oh for fucks sake. I wish I had a massive air horn from a locomotive strapped to my car so that I could lay on to these douchebags just as they start to cross. They’ll probably be startled, wondering what they were doing wrong. And that’s the problem, America, they don’t know. Lack of education.

Vote McCain 2008.

  1. Gee.. this is normal in northern VA. The problem is with the educated sub 45 crowd who have a BA or higher. They think are above normal society. Better then the man or woman next to them. and they think they know everything. I know a lot about lot, but i am not expert in anything. Everyone today is a expert.. The youth of America will ruin it..I promise you this country will get a lot worse before it gets better. I’m 25 and notice the faults of the generations before me and after me. People only care about themselves. no one takes in the big picture anymore. they talk a big game, think they do, but they only take in what they want to know. wither it’s right or wrong. MY 2 CENTS

  2. I have to do this at one area in order to make an exit. I don’t feel above the law, but I just do it out of necessity.

    The “solid” lines are silly for a couple reasons though. First off. The lines look like they were painted by some amateur with a can of white Krylon. They simple hung out of their buddies van and sprayed. Secondly. 495 now has some of the worst ruts/low spots. Instead of painting “solid” lines, they could simply have worn the low spots into the lanes the whole distance of construction. The ruts make a complete mess of steering feel and make you forget about changing lanes.

    What is the reasoning for the construction btw?

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