How To Clean Water Spots From Your Windows

I recently purchased a 1994 Mazda Miata, and it has some serious water spots on all of the windows.  It was something I noticed during the test drive, but didn’t fully realize how bad the water spots were till I had gotten the car home. I thought this would be an easy windex job, but removing these water spots ended up being a several hour project that took a couple days. Note: check for water spots before buying a car.

If you buy a car that has severe water spots on the window here’s how you remove it.

  1.  Supplies: Water, 0000 Steel Wool (super fine), Bon Ami, Rubber Gloves, a Chair
    Mark sure to get your mise en place.
  2. Setup your supplies and get organized.  You are going to want to be sitting in a chair because it can take a couple hours to finish all your windows.
  3. Wet your window and work in a small test area first to make sure you aren’t scratching you window.20160822_191409
  4. Put the Bon Ami on your 0000 Steel Wool and apply it to the window.  Work in one small area at a time, and wipe the area for at least five minutes going back and forth.
    Don’t try to clean the whole window at once, you won’t get anywhere.
  5. Clean the area with water to see if you have made progress.  Then dry the area to see if there are still any water spots.  If it’s clean move onto the next patch, or else repeat the above steps.
  6. It will take some time, but be patient.  You will notice a huge difference in the windows once you are done.
    Window after cleaning the water spots. You can see the difference between the cleaned one on the left, and the unclean on the right (triangle window).
  7. Although, you might find after you windows have dried that there are still water spots on your windows – don’t fret, just rinse and repeat.  Everything will be OK.
    After the window was cleaned
    Another shot of the window with water spots
    Another after shot of the clean window

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