We Went Out to Hunt American Muscle and Caught an Iacocca Mustang

I could have easily just walked on by. It’s easy to overlook, this one. And why wouldn’t it? No matter if it’s from your own car’s rear view mirror or in passing by on the street, this appears to be just another Mustang GT with a blower. Nothing out of the ordinary here. Or is there?

If this was an open highway and not just some parking lot it wouldn’t be until the thunderous legend cruises on by that you might notice the subtly slick fast back rear end and think to yourself that this may not be an ordinary Mustang.

Perhaps it’s not until it passes by. That’s when you notice it. No, not the glorious rumbling V8 exhaust note. The badge. Does that say Iacocca? The name sure rings a bell. That’s because it’s a name best known in the domestic circles. Lee Iacocca is the Ford engineer credited for creating the first Mustang. Bet your K-swapping Honda buddies don’t know about this guy.

Inside the cabin there is no shortage of branding. The name can’t be missed. There are stitched badges with Lee’s last name everywhere. The front seats, the back seats. Yup. Without surprise, even a limited edition signed plaque on the dash.

So what is the deal with this Iacocca Mustang? Unlike other Mustangs, all Iacocca models are, wait. By all I mean all forty-five. You can’t just go by your local Ford dealer and pick one up. These are custom built models out of Los Angeles. All have the unique fastback style reminiscent of the 60’s. All are equipped with Ford’s Racing suspension package. This includes firmer dampers and a lower stance that results in a tighter and more responsive driving experience. The Brembo calipers scream business behind those huge wheels. Under the hood of the Iacocca ‘Stang is, to no surprise, a signed Iacocca plague and a better flowing intake. And, if the box is checked, a supercharger.


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