BBR Super 220 Package, 220 Ponies for Your ND MX-5

BBR just announced their Super 220 package which boosts the ND MX-5’s Skyactiv-G engine’s horsepower output from a respectable 181 horsepower to a heart-pounding 220.

Managing Director Neil Mckay said “This is the first time that over 100 bhp per liter has been achievable from a normally aspirated Mazda MX-5 motor without internal modifications. It’s an amazing accomplishment for a predominately standard engine.”

The BBR Super 220 package is a fairly simple package of free flowing exhaust manifold, cold air intake system, camshafts and an ECU tune. The result is a Honda-like 220 horsepower at 7,800 RPM. That’s a little shy of a 40 horsepower gain over the factory setup.

BBR exhaust manifold on the Skyactiv-G engine make for good power gains

It gets better as peak torque is delivered 500 RPM earlier, making the every day drive that much more of a breeze. Those interested will be looking at about $2,500 USD plus shipping for a self-install kit of the Super 220 package.

If the price tag of 220 horsepower is a bit steep, BBR also offers a more modest Super 200 package that increases the Skyactiv-G engine’s power output to — you guessed it — 200 ponies. The Super 200 package gets you just about everything in the Super 220 package but forgoes the custom camshafts and supporting valve train hardware. Those interested should set aside $1,400 plus shipping required to deliver the Super 200 package across the Atlantic.

Impressive top end gains with the BBR Super 220 package camshafts. Super 200 still strong.

It takes just one look at the dyno graph to see the significant boost the camshafts provide over 7k RPM. Still, BBR claims the Super 200 package will rip to 60 MPH from a standstill in just 5.65 seconds compared to 7.3 in factory form. While BBR didn’t provide official 0-60 times with the Super 220 package, we’d imagine low 5’s.

Given the nearly equal boost of power and torque across the mid-range, we believe the Super 200 package offers the best value for the every day ND owner. If you’re a track day super star or just crazy about old-school VTEC, go right on ahead with the Super 220. Regardless, all ND MX-5 owners should give this package a serious look.


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