Spotlight: A Rescued Z32

Michael DeMicco had been looking for a Nissan 300zx for a quite some time when he found a listing that caught his eye. The original owner of a 1990 300zx Twin Turbo had been in an accident when somebody ran a red light and damaged the passenger side front. The engine was just rebuilt, completely stock, the price was right and Michael knew he could save this gem of a Z car.

The now twenty year old Nissan 300zx ‘Z32’ hasn’t had the best ‘rep’ in today’s car scene – Michael wanted to change that. First came the body work, followed by a few reliable and tasteful bolt-on modifications. A set of Desmond WiseSports wheels were sourced from a Zilvia member over in Japan, and the stance was adjusted accordingly.

More than happy with the outcome, the stock body lines were left to do the talking. You’ll find no body kits on this Nissan, just a front lip. Those Desmond WiseSports wheels flow so well!

It took two years for Michael to get the Z32 to it’s current condition. As with any ongoing project, there’s more to come – more power, more Z32 sexiness. Countless man hours have been poured in to this 300zx and we’re proud to present it to our readers. Michael, keep up the fantastic work and long live the Z32!

Notable modifications:

SGP t25/t28 turbos
Godspeed SMIC’s
Borla catback
EpRacing 1-piece driveshaft

ES bushings
SPL & Wicked control arms

Desmond WiseSports wheels
Stillen GTZ front lip
J-Spec tail lights
Powertrix fog light ducts

Bride Brix seats
Prosport gauges
4 point roll cage

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  1. I have a similar philosophy about my 93 Z32. Only the SSR integral A2s, 94 turbo spoiler, and 4″ single exhaust with 6” tip Borla muffler give any hint to what lurks underneath, and I love it that way. Z guys will start to notice stuff, and then they get that smile. I totally agree that the body needs no add ons, the lines are beautiful (Mine is red too). 600 HP is enough for now, but to be honest, she’ll never be completely finished! Your car is just perfect as it is. I love it.

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