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I know, I should be focusing these “build your own” features on attainable cars.  But building unattainable exotics is so much more fun.  So aside from the Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse we featured, this is the most expensive car I’ve ever built online. Let’s get started.

Porsche has dabbled with supercars for quite awhile.  The well known Carrera GT was an incredible car and most fitting of that designation.  A quick aside, putting that search term into Google makes for a depressing result.  RIP Paul.  But that shouldn’t take away from what was an engineering masterpiece.  Porsche is back and right in the thick of hybrid-wars with their new Spyder 918 going against rivals Ferrari and McLaren and their LaFerrari and P1 respectively.  This is the upper crust of the automotive world.  So how is the new car to build online?  Let’s find out.


The 918 Spyder is not cheap.  Like several times your house not cheap.  Base models start at $845,000 with the Weissach Package ringing in at a 30-year mortgage-worthy $929,000.  So what does $84,000 get you (besides a base model 911)?  In grand Porsche tradition, it gets you less.  Less weight in this case, around 100 less pounds through the use of lighter wheels, brakes, and even geeky things like bolts.  Weissach is name of the town where Porsche’s R&D department lives.  Ok, if I’m spending damn near a million bucks, give me the version that has a sub 7 minute Nurburgring lap time, one of the fastest ever and the fastest for a production car.

Right, so back to the build.  We were happy to spend money, but the liquid metal chrome blue paint seemed excessive at $63,000 so we kept the weight reduction going and went sans paint, instead choosing a film wrap in Martini® Racing Design.  I’m sorry, but that’s just cool, even if I would have preferred a Gulf livery like the 917 racer of days gone by.  Notice the price for the wrap, $0.00.  I’ll give Porsche credit, crazy liquid metal paint aside, they don’t get you on the extras.  At least for a 918, I can’t speak for the rest of the lineup.  That about covers the exterior, I was a bit surprised you couldn’t change the wheel or brake color in the builder.

918build2Inside, the interior options were limited to seats, but yet again, they were “free” to modify as you see fit.  You can choose between lightweight racing seats or lightweight regular seats that look pretty much the same.  I chose the alcantara/leather option for another $0.00.  Nice.  As you can see below, the interior isn’t bad, maybe not quite as dramatic as some of the competition’s.




Up next, options!  Ok, you get one.  Stone guard.  Seems like a good addition, check that box for $0.00 deutsche marks.


That’s pretty much it.  Our 918 Spyder Weissach Package wasn’t extremely customizable, but maybe that’s because it’s perfect already.  Any owners out there, looking your way Seinfeld, feel free to comment.


Here’s the summary of our Porsche:

918 Spyder Weissach Package – $929,000

  • Exterior Color – White   $0
  • Exterior Foil  – Film Wrap in Martini® Racing Design  $0
  • Interior Color – Leather Interior “Weissach Package” in Black/Silver with Alcantara®  $0
  • Options – Stone Guard $0Performance
  • Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK)  $0
  • 918 Spyder Magnesium Wheel (20/21-inch)  $0
  • Lightweight Bucket Racing Seats  $0

Total Price*  $931,975

I assume the extra $2975 is like a handling fee or something.


  1. Looks like Ferrari and McLaren don’t have LaFerrari or P1 “build your own” options on their website. So Porsche has that going for them!

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