New Ariel Atom 3S adds power, luxuries

You saw our quick take on the crazy Local Motors SF-01 concept that features luxury items like bodywork and a windshield.  Well the Ariel Atom has been doing crazy for years and builder TMI Autotech is bringing a new one to market in 2015 from it’s Virginia International Raceway shop with more power and some luxury upgrades as well.

Ariel Atom 3S

The big news is in the power department, which we at RFD fully endorse more of in almost every circumstance short of an inappropriate prison experience.  Still using the Honda K24 i-VTEC engine from the Atom 3, power is said to be up to 365 with 310 torques for the new model.  That quite insane in a car that weighs under 1400lbs.  Think that one through, fourteen hundred pounds.  You could add a thousand pounds and people would still consider it a light car. And it’s a Honda engine, so you know, VTEC YO! reliability.  Additional cooling radiators for the turbo, seen above, are built into twin side pods which are unique to the Atom 3S in North America and give the Atom a bit of bodywork.  The suspension remains the well known pushrod setup and  features JRi adjustable dampers and a two piece spring layout.

Ariel Atom 3S

We’ve all seen the face bending abilities of the Atom on YouTube and FinalGear (RIP) but if you’re one of those types that doesn’t want to wear a full face helmet to the grocery store, the 3S comes with a windshield!  So now you can watch those other losers eat your dust on track days through a pane of glass and a make use of a full LCD display which will allow you to view data such as speed, RPM, gear position, as well as water temperature and fuel level.

Ariel Atom 3S

Owners can tick off their preferred suspension option including crazy standard, crazier close ratio, and ludicrous sequential.  Want to see what it all looks like coming together on a race course?  I thought so, here it is below.

Pricing is around $90,000 but you can still buy the standard Atom 3 for around $64,500.  We’ll take one.  Or at least a turn at the wheel if TMI has one for us to try.  We’re local, just sayin.

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All Images and content: TMI Autotech



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