Event! Honda S2000 owners meet at PTUNING

I’ve been missing photography lately so when I read about a Honda S2000 owners meet on S2ki.com taking place at PTUNING I grabbed my D90 and jetted. I jetted because I had other places to be that day but wanted to at least stop by to take in the atmosphere of like minded enthusiasts. PTUNING has a huge facility in Manassas, Virginia with a world class dyno bay, huge parts inventory and super clean shop. Their builds include a Scion TC built for the Redline Time Attack and one of the first turbo Honda S2000’s making huge power numbers. As if that wasn’t enough reason to check them out, their staff are fantastic. Truly a great shop run by a great group of guys. On to the short photo set…

I spoke briefly to the owner of this black S2000 on CCW’s wrapped in Hankook V12 Evos. From what I understand it hasn’t seen the track but certainly looks as if it could. Love the setup and would enjoy a photoshoot opportunity with this car.

Acura NSX NA2’s are always sweet. It seems one or two always show up at S2000 meets.

Slammed NA1 example. I may have a soft spot for red NA1’s.


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