Petit Le Mans 2011 – Part 1

We arrived at Road Atlanta at 8:30 AM and put up the tent at turn 10. The air was crisp and we were minutes from Friday’s morning practice session for the American Le Mans Series. With the tent in place we made our way over Audi bridge, past the Corvette and Porsche corrals and down the hill to the paddock to view some of the most beautiful machinery in the world. I apologize for the unedited photos. These are all straight off the D90.

Pit lanes had just opened and all of the ALMS race cars were making their way out of the tents.

Flying Lizard had their GT cars on display. They are a very prominent ALMS team.

Level 5 brings out their LMPC entries. This is the latter of the pair.

Another Ferrari F458GT entry. This one from AFCORSE.IT

Audi’s R18 made it’s United States debut and the fences were lines to catch a glimpse.

It’s difficult to get good shots without a photographer’s pass but there are decent vantage points if you look hard enough. At full 200mm I could shoot through the fence normally occupied by privileged photographers.

Risi Competizione cresting the hill for turn’s 3-4.

While making my way down to the essesseseses I decided to stop at turn 5. Ironically, I was thinking “this is a popular spot for accidents. I should switch to my wider angle zoom lens.” Then I heard screeching tires and by the time I glanced up a prototype car was bouncing backward off the tire wall directly ahead of me.

I swung the camera up as quickly as I could and snapped off two shots of the car coming to rest. It was the #15 Oak Racing entry driven by Pierre Ragues. His hair may have been OK…

The #15 LMP1 car on the other hand wasn’t so great.

With that I continued my way toward the downhill esses.

The R18 was a silent ninja. It’s there and gone.

And I was loving the Lotus Evora entry. I snapped this photo on the last lap of practice.

Next up, afternoon qualifying.


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