One step closer to road racing…

Over the weekend, I celebrated some fantastic news: I will be testing for an official driver spot for the 2008 VW Jetta TDI Cup!! I got the awesome news on Friday night and was so confident that I’d be getting in that I had been contacted potential sponsors all last week and am still contacting companies. I only need $15,000 by March 28th! If I can’t find the funds, I won’t even be able to make it to testing. So far from the confirmed candidates list, looks like over 120 people have been invited, realistically with only about 2/3 of that number really being able to afford it (myself included).

Turns out there’s a few drivers from the DC Metro area, including a hot-shot driver that usually goes to the same indoor karting place (Allsports GP) as myself (he’s #2 fastest all-time). Also on the confirmed list is a former Formula Renault driver, was one of the last 6 finalists in the 2003 Red Bull F1 Driver’s Search and is currently an international karting champion. There are many other karters and club racers as well.

It’s interesting to see the level of talent that is in the list. But, there’s no point trying to ‘stack-up’ against anyone on the list. We all come from different backrounds, different levels of experience, and different types of vehicles. This series will be fantastic as the cars are setup exactly the same. If anything, it will be good training & competition to go against these ‘veterans’.

So, here’s to me getting the funding so I can actually make the test to see if I get a spot in one of the 30 cars. I am getting so excited just thinking about it. I have all these plans in my head of getting in-car video so I can have a race update with in-car footage and reports for all of you to read. 🙂

In the meantime while I hunt for funding, check out this video from the European VW Polo Cup @ Hockenheim-ring. I hope the racing will be as fun as in this video (105bhp mind you!):


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