New sponsor and time for some long overdue thank you’s!

Time for some long overdue thank you’s to people who have helped me out so far this season!

First and foremost, I can not say thanks enough to my father for helping me out with the series. Without him, I wouldn’t even be competing right now. Thanks as well to my sister for her help and her encouragement.

Huge thanks to people who helped donate to my fund (random order):

Bill Schofield (who’s also my helmet painter/vinyl guy!)

John Alden Patton

Jeff Rudis

Josh Taylor

Ross Snyder

Fred Kim

Michael Young

John Dodds

I’d like to also give a HUGE thanks to my new sponsor, Induktion Motorsports! They are a top VW/Audi/Porsche/BMW tuning and aftermarket supply shop a few minutes from my house. I am so excited to work with Ed Fuhrman and Induktion.

Thanks to Francois Duret and Allsports GP for his support. Go check out the DC Metro’s best and only indoor karting center!

Thanks again to Bill Schofield and williamdesignworks for doing my vinyl work (past & present), for doing an amazing job right now painting my helmet (will post pics in the future) and for being an awesome guy. Bill’s working on his website right now and while working full time at his job and as a dad, still manages time to paint helmets on the side.

I am still in the works with more personal sponsors, but I’d also like to give huge thanks to Volkswagen and all their series sponsors for putting this program together.

VW has changed the rules that allow us to obtain 4 personal sponsors…if you have any interest in a partnership to help me race this season as well as making new business deals/connections, please email for more details and a sponsorship proposal.


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