Help me go racing!!!

While I am currently working on sponsorship, I am asking for your help. I need all the support I can get to race this season. I need support for the rest of the year to continue racing. Whatever you can pitch in to help would be greatly appreciated!

I am not asking for much, you can donate whatever you like. $1, 5, 10, it doesn’t matter. I will be thankful with whatever I receive. Unfortunately, VW will not allow me to stick everyone’s name on the Jetta TDI race car as they see it as being “more than 2 sponsors”. Nonetheless, I will have a ‘thank you’ page on here with everyone who donated (you can request anonymity if you wish).

Please help spread the word and email this to all your friends, family, co-workers, whomever!

Also, if you have a business and would like to sponsor me, please contact me for a sponsorship proposal at

Thank you,
-John Shim

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  1. What are your racing plans for this year? If you have an interest in
    driving in the Ford Mustang Challenge Series, please contact me as soon as possible.


    B. K. Wilson
    SpeedWorks Racing
    765. 749. 0467

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