Motorhead Hill Climb Sponsored by Recaro

Road signs simply label it the Mazda Turnpike. It’s a beautiful stretch of road that goes over the Hakone mountain. To enthusiasts, it’s their own Green Hell. When driven briskly, it is a demanding and dangerous route with little room for error. It is the perfect place for the Motorhead Magazine hill climb.

Motorhead Hill Climb Yellow GT-40
And that’s just what Motorhead Magazine managed to do. They shut down 8 kilometers of the Hakone Skyline and brought in cars like the BMW Z4 Super GT race car, tuned Nissan GT-Rs, Subaru STIs and even a classic Ford GT-40 for some good fun.

If you enjoy watching badass cars tear up the streets with audio and camera angles that put you right in the action then this video is for you. This is how Motorhead hosts on a hill climb.


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