Who Needs the Ford Mustang Bullitt When You Can Get the Actual Movie Car?

Don’t lie. You’ve always wanted a Mustang just like the one Steve McQueen dove in Bullitt. Well, now you have the opportunity to buy that exact car.

Two Mustangs were used for the movie’s production, with this one being used as the “hero” car, in what became one of the most iconic car chases in cinematic history. The one where Steve McQueen chases bad guys in a Dodge Charger that somehow loses 5 hubcaps. That Charger no longer exists, and it was believed for decades that this Mustang was also junked. And it was, being found in a Mexican junkyard in 2017. But not before it was used as a normal car after filming. Steve McQueen tried to buy it after the filming, but the owner at the time refused.

But now you can bid for it at Mecum’s auction in Kissimmee, Florida. I say bid instead of buy, because you probably won’t get it. Before it goes to auction, its being displayed at various automotive events- in a bullitt-proof glass container (I’ll get my coat). That’s how valuable this Mustang is. It would be very surprising if it goes for less for $1 million. But maybe the armored glass container is overkill- let’s just say the car has lots of “patina.”

Would you be interested? Or would you prefer a rust-free car for your several million dollars? Either way, it’ll almost certainly go for more than the current most expensive Mustang in the world, the 1967 Mustang used in Gone In 60 Seconds.


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