Wheel Repair Shops in Northern Virginia, DC and Maryland

Curbed rim needs a wheel repair shop

If you drive around a metropolitan area long enough you’re bound to bend a wheel by a pot hole or two scratch your wheels parallel parking. Bent wheels can cause unusual vibrations which can cause poor steering or even suspension damage.

A wheel shop repair has made an old set of wheels look new
We have been asked by many people about wheel repair shops in the northern Virginia area. If you read the forums, chances are you’ve heard the suggestion of Kevin Glaus of mine at a good price and the work was unbelievable!

Driving around on a bent wheel can be dangerous. Bent wheels may not allow for a good seal of the tire and the wheel making a tire blow more likely. Don’t put you, your family or others around you in danger. If buying replacement wheels is not an option, call a local wheel repair shop and get it fixed!

State City Wheel Repair Shop Name Phone Number
Maryland Brunswick Blue Ridge Wheel Repair Phone Number
Maryland Fort Washington IBMW (I Bent My Wheel) Phone Number
Maryland Waldorf Nationwide Dent Repair (800) 734-3368
Maryland Rockville Wheel Ding King (240)426-9210
Maryland Glen Burnie Wheel Worx Phone Number
Maryland Elkridge Ye Old Wheel Shop Phone Number
Virginia Centreville Alloy Wheel Repair Phone Number
Virginia Fairfax A+ Wheel Repair Phone Number
Virginia Mobile Kwicksilver 703-399-4772
Virginia Stafford Stafford Wheel Repair Phone Number

Other rim/wheel repair options

Alloy Wheel Repair fixed a set of forged BBS RC wheels that belonged to a friend of mine. The cracks were filled, the lips were smoothed and they powder coated them all. When they came back the wheels looked like new or possibly better! If anyone has wheel repair locations to add, please leave a comment below. Thanks!

  1. Wheel repairing is better and reasonable option when your wheel gets damages. Many times, I have also faced the problem in finding the right repair specialist especially when I an away from my city. This list may help me anytime.

  2. I will give one of these guys a call. Alloy wheel repair charges $180 just to repair each rim which is kinda outrages! So hopefully I can find somebody who is cheap and good around our area 🙂 crossing my fingers!

  3. WheelWorx in Glen Burnie is highly recommended. Just had four air-leaking and bent wheels repaired there for $150 each. Excellent work. Much better work than Ye Old Wheel Shoppe, which had previously worked on one of the wheels.

  4. There are a lot of wheel repair shops in the Los Angeles / Orange County area. Most of them are terrible. But I finally found fast forward wheels, and they are the only people I use now. They do wheels, brake calipers, other auto bits, and do the job right. See their website here: http://fastforwardwheels.com/ It’s an hour plus drive from my home to them, and I happily pass three other shops that did a crummy job. One thing, they are not a quick turnaround shop, so be prepared to deal with a longer than normal wait. But all will be forgiven when you see the results. Perfect.

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