Flash Result: NASA Twilight 2 Hour Endurance Race

NASA held the final twilight kart race on November 5th at Summit Point’s Kart track in West Virginia. It was a good size event with 20 teams competing. The race was to be 2 hours long and the team which completes the most laps in that time period is declared the winner. The rules were simple. Each team was required to make 1 fuel stop and a minimum of three driver changes. Karts were assigned to each team by the event officials during the driver’s meeting.

We placed three teams, each with three drivers. Team 1, 2 and 3. Team 1 was assigned kart 5, Team 2 was assigned kart 9 and Team 3 was assigned kart 2. If you’re familiar with karting you’ll know that not all karts are equal. All of our drivers turn consistent low 48 second lap times at SPK which as far as I’m concerned is fairly quick.

When the checkered flag waved 143 laps had been completed by the winning team, Indo Pratama. Results of the top 6 below:

Finishing Position / Team Name / Best Lap / Laps Completed
1) Indo Pratama 47.912 143
2) CJR Racing 47.669 143
3) Indo Pratama 47.981 142
4) Oh Hewwo Pwease 47.633 141
5) RightFootDown #2 49.027 141
6)RightFootDown #1 48.484 140

Full results with a break down of lap times can be seen here.

As you can see there’s quite a gap between lap times. Given the conditions and cards dealt I believe RFD managed to place rather well. RFD #2 and #1 were passed in the last stint of the race by kart #32 driven by team Oh Hewwo Pwease. Kart #32 is known to be one of the fastest karts at SPK. Several members of team RFD have lapped in the mid 47’s while behind it’s wheel.

Thanks to all of RFD’s drivers. I look forward to racing with you all in 2012!

Lastly, congrats to RFD’s own John Shim, who once again placed on the podium with team Indo Pratama.


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