Wanna be a pro racer & win $100k?

….then try out for the hit SpeedTV show, “SETUP”. Are you an amateur racer who is aspiring to make it pro? If so, this show is for you.

Another Scott Gillen production (same guy who did ‘Build or Bust’), from what I’ve seen of the action in season 1 and 2 so far, it is filled with ridiculous drama for entertainment value and high ratings (of course). Contestants literally ram each other to get 1st place with their Pratt & Miller built, turbo, rwd, 260hp Pontiac Solstices. Here’s a positive spin on it – if you actually have driving skills and win the whole event, you get to test a Pontiac GXP.R for a possible drive in the Grand-Am racing series and race at the 2009 Rolex 24 @ Daytona…….and you get $100,000. Not bad, eh?

Last year, NASA Honda Challenge racer Jeremy Croiset won the show with impressive domination through every race. This year, the format has changed as they are now running teams, and it looks as though the competition has stepped up two-fold. Word is, for season 1, there were 250 entries by word of mouth throughout Southern California. This year, 4000+ entries were made from around the country.

the pros:
-no entry fee
-free car
-free parts
-free gas
-free tires
-free camera time
-possible $100k cash
-possible ride with GM factory race team

the cons:
sacrifice everything:
-leave school/job for 4 weeks for filming
-pay for your own living expenses (hotel, rental car to/from track, gas for rental car, etc.)
-possible embarrassment on national TV


So, does that all sound like fun? If so, click here to apply for Season 3:


Here’s the TV schedule for ‘Setup’ Season 2:



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