760 hp Audi RS7 is Fastest Armored Car in the World

Don’t you just hate it when you get shot at when you’re coming home from a track day? That’s never happened to you? Really? Anyhow, AddArmor has just unveiled its Audi RS7, which is both tuned to 760bhp, and armored.

Thanks to having 760 bhp from its 4 liter twin-turbo V8, its very quick indeed. AddArmor claims it can do 0-60 mph in just 2.9 seconds, and because the top speed limiter has been removed, it’ll pass 200 mph.

You’re probably thinking that while its fast, it’ll have the handling capabilities of a cargo ship, due to all the extra weight. That’s where you’re wrong. Instead of using thick steel plates like any other armored car, the AddArmor RS7 uses polycarbonate composites, which means it’s only 200 lbs heavier than standard. So not only can you outrun would-be assassins on the straights, you can lose them around the corners too.

It’s armored to B4 level, which is just small arms fire, and costs $28k on top of the donor car. For an undisclosed fee, you can have it armored to B7 level, which can stop armor-piercing rounds. Unless they have access to an Apache helicopter, the bad guys are screwed.

Like any Audi, it has lots of gadgets. But instead of thinks like autonomous emergency braking, it has a battering ram hidden inside the front bumper. Instead of self-closing doors, it has electric-shock door handles, and a pepper spray built into the B-pillar. If that’s not enough, it also has tear gas cannons- and you don’t have to worry about it getting inside the car, because the cabin is pressurized. And instead of automatic high-beam assistant, the AddArmor RS7 has manually controlled rear-mounted spotlights, specifically designed to blind anyone pursuing you. Or tailgating you. But what if a bad guy, inspired by Fast and Furious 7, chases you with a drone equipped with machine guns? That won’t work either- it has signal-jammers, so when the drone comes close, it’ll fall out of the sky like a stone. The other benefit is that a remotely detonated bomb, stuck to the bottom of the car or at the roadside for example, won’t detonate. Better still, people in traffic around you won’t be able to text and drive.

So, if you’re travelling to a violent region such as the Middle East or Baltimore any time soon, the AddArmor RS7 is perfect for your needs.


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