Many things can be said about the life of late racing driver, Ayrton Senna…but it would be too complex to even try to describe it all in one blog post. An easier way to try to understand it all and to really get a glimpse into his world would be to catch the new documentary by British director Asif Kapadia. The Sundance Film Festival winner will be playing in select theaters across the US & Canada this month and DC is lucky enough to have a showing.

Senna will be playing at the Landmark E Street Cinema next Friday, August 19th til Thursday, August 25th. I highly recommend going to premiere night as there will also be free movie posters available for fans and curious moviegoers alike.  Please check out and RSVP on the facebook event page I have created to get a free poster and to invite any of your friends and family as well. From all reviews I have read, it seems this documentary is truly a great piece of dedication to the amazing life that Ayrton Senna led and an amazing story of his legacy.

Facebook event page with all details, including theater location, online ticket purchase link, etc:


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