Spotlight: yellow Lexus LFA

yellow Lexus LFA in the training center

Back in September David Nickerson II was lucky enough to get about an hour to shoot this Lexus LFA Prototype Car at the Lexus Training Center in South Florida.. The shoot was done in the early in morning before a truck came to haul it off. As you could imagine time was of the essence and David was rushing as fast as he could to snap off a few shots.

You may have just seen it on display at the 2011 International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan. Believe if or not, this is the very same car from the Lexus LFA “Pursuit of the Perfect Pitch” commercial. It had just been repainted yellow in these photos.

yellow Lexus LFA facing out of the training center

Lexus LFA instrument cluster

yellow Lexus LFA interior

yellow Lexus LFA leaving the training center

yellow Lexus LFA tail light

yellow Lexus LFA exhaust

yellow Lexus LFA brake cooling duct

yellow Lexus LFA rear spoiler

yellow Lexus LFA engine bay

yellow Lexus LFA side profile shot

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