RIP VW Golf SportWagen

Today, it has been announced that the VW Golf SportWagen, America’s last affordable wagon, is being discontinued after 2019. VW have confirmed that it was killed by a disease known as crossovers.

We knew that the current Golf SportWagen was due to a replacement soon, and its likely that Europe will get a replacement, but for the US market, that’s it for cheap wagons. The Golf Alltrack, basically a SportWagen with a small suspension lift and AWD, is also being discontinued.

Production of the Alltrack ends in December, but no date is given for when the regular SportWagen will end production. However, this announcement only relates to the current MK7 Golf, and a new MK8 Golf is coming out soon. It entirely possible, if unlikely, that we’ll get a wagon variant of the MK8 Golf.

But if the US doesn’t get another Golf Wagon, sensible families who don’t want to spend too much money will be forced to buy a used car, or a minivan. After all, sensible people don’t buy crossovers.


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