Pricing for Cosworth GT86 Stage 1 Upgrade

Cosworth just recently announced their Stage 1 upgrade for the FA-20 engine found in the Subaru BRZ and Scion FRS, otherwise known as the Toyota GT86. The parts list for the Stage 1 kit looks to be nothing much more sophisticated than exhaust and intake with a tune. Judging from the dyno chart below, the majority of the power gain comes from the rear muffler section, netting a twenty horsepower gain. The extra ten ponies can be had if you throw down for their replacement exhaust manifold and mid-pipe.

Cosworth GT86 Stage 1 Parts List

  • “Power by Cosworth” Calibration Kit
  • Cosworth Free Flow Sports Exhaust
  • Cosworth High Flow Air Filter
  • Cosworth Low Temperature Thermostat

Cosworth GT86 Stage 1 Muffler

Pricing for the Cosworth GT86 Stage 1 Upgrade was not available on their website so we went ahead and contacted Mach V, a Cosworth dealer in nothern Virginia. Mach V informed me that the pricing has not yet been announced but they are expecting shipments to begin arriving in early fall.

Word from Europe is that the complete Cosworth GT86 Stage 1 kit will sell for $2700.

Cosworth GT86 Stage 1


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