Greenwood Roadway is an Abandoned Race Track Needing Your Help

Okay, I’ll admit it. The chances of me or any of my friends voluntarily driving to Iowa are slim. Perhaps none, even. But if there was a race track in Iowa worth visiting I may reconsider.

Let’s talk about abandoned Greenwood Roadway. You may have never heard of it before however if you’ve played Gran Turismo, chances are you’ve raced on Deep Forest, a circuit many believe was designed after Greenwood Roadway.

Together we can boost Iowa tourism. Vote for the Revival of Greenwood Roadway!

Greenwood Roadway was known for technical turns and roller coaster like elevation changes. Quite the experience for both driver and spectator. Greenwood was host to many SCCA and club races through the 1960s until it sadly closed due to financial and safety regulations. Now with your help and a little luck, the abandoned race track in Indianola, Iowa is on the verge of resurgence but we need your help.

The Revival of the Greenwood Roadway is currently ranked first in a contest competing for a $10,000 grant that would go toward conducting a track redevelopment study on the Greenwood’s track grounds. Simply winning the contest does not guarantee the track’s revival, of course. The consultant would need to deem the project feasible and then funding, etc would follow to make it a reality.

Your vote matters. The contest ends October 21st and while the revival of Greenwood Roadway is currently ranked number one, there are other interests catching up. We know you want to see what the track looks like so we’ve found this video to show you it’s current state.


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