Ford Wins 2015 Detroit Auto Show

I’m calling it now, Ford is going to win Detroit this year.  You just saw our article about the Shelby GT350 and it’s potential Bavarian beat-down of the mighty M4.  If Road and Track is correct, it’s just the beginning.

One year after debuting the 2015 Mustang in Detroit, R&T claims a GT350R is in the offing and will make a Motown debut.  Think Laguna Seca Boss 302, lighter, stiffer, faster.  The gauntlet against the mighty Z/28 is likely to be thrown down with some aplomb, Ford style.

Detroit Auto Show Mustang debut

Image: Baltimore Sun

Oh and that picture of the Ford GTs up there, oh that’s there for a reason. Apparently the next generation GT, the Supercar for the people is coming to Detroit and Ford is prepping a Le Mans GTE-class car for 2016, the 50th anniversary of the Ford GT40’s first Le Mans overall win.

You can also read about the next F-150 Raptor, updated Focus/Fiesta STs, the Focus RS, and even a potential M/AMG-like sub brand as well.

R&T’s full prediction is here.  God bless America.  If Ford isn’t your thing, the new Camaro, CTS-V and production NSX should get their fancy covers yanked off by CEOs and pretty girls.

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