Ford GT Ordering Is Open

Ford GT

Online ordering opened today for the GT, the king of Ford’s beasts. Now you, too, can buy Ford’s 600+hp supercar. If you’re lucky. And rich.

The Ford GT will be the most exclusive Ford ever made, limited to just 500 cars, 250 per year. So the online ordering system is really more of an application to please, please, please let me buy a GT than an actual order. But few of us can afford the mid-$400,000 price tag anyway. Sadly, I was unable to convince my wife to forget about buying a house so that we can get a GT instead. Then again, a GT costs more than the house, so that might be an issue, too. As she pointed out, it would be rather uncomfortable to sleep inside a GT. Plus the dog won’t fit.


But Ford offers an online configurator at, and anyone can use it and dream. And it was here that I discovered something interesting. Although the GT is a unique top end car featuring the latest and greatest technology, it comes in a number of standard Ford colors – Race Red and Competition Orange, for example. You can get these on the Mustang and Fiesta ST. One of the available colors is Ingot Silver. That’s the same color as my wife’s Flex, which is powered by a 3.5 EcoBoost V6, just like the GT.

Ford GT

So I don’t need to worry about not being able to buy a Ford GT. Her Flex is basically the same car, right?

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