Event! Cars and Coffee – Great Falls, VA

This morning Sean and I set out to cover the weekly Cars and Coffee gathering in Great Falls, Virginia. If you’re one for early mornings grab a cup of your favorite morning beverage at Katie’s, a popular coffee shop, and stroll around the secluded shopping center parking lot where you’ll find quite a mix of local cars on display.

Get there early to watch the parking lot fill. Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s, Porsche’s, Aston Martin’s.

It’s not just exotic European cars either. This flat black C5 Corvette grabbed my attention.

As did this… VOLVO?!

This beautiful vintage Aston Martin Vantage drew a crowd.


There are plenty more photos available for viewing on our Flickr account here. If you’re up when the sun rises, be sure to swing down and check out the Cars and Coffee event near you.


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