BMW Concept 4 trades Kidney Grille for Massive Cocaine-Addict Nostril

From most angles, the BMW Concept 4 is a decent looking car. Until you see the front. BMW have got rid of its iconic kidney grilles, and replaced them with a giant cocaine-addict nostril. What were they thinking?

 The Concept 4 is supposed to preview the upcoming 4 Series. Given that the new 4 Series is due to be launched soon, it’s likely that it will retain the Concept 4’s styling, including the grotesque front end. Unless they push back the launch date and redesign it, which they absolutely should.

The Concept 4 serves as proof that BMW needs a new head of design. The 4-Series is supposed to be a 3-Series coupe, not whatever this mess is. The other thing that needs to be addressed is the hofmeister kink, or lack thereof. Why would BMW want to get rid of this iconic styling feature?

Given that the next 4 Series is based on the current 3 Series, expect a variety of four-cylinder engines, one six-cylinder engine, lots of unnecessary technology, and little excitement. If you want something worthy of being called the Ultimate Driving Machine, or something tasteful, go and buy the current 2 Series while they’re still making it.  


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