A new Jaguar E-Type?

It was over fifty years ago that Malcom Sayer began working on what would eventually become known as the one of the sexiest cars in history, the Jaguar E-Type. That would make Malcom Sayer a designer, right? Actually, Mr Sayer hated being called a designer or stylist. He would tell you he’s an aerodynamics engineer and an aerodynamics engineer and plotted the shape of the E-Type using plotted calculations from the Jaguar D-Type racer. Mathematical calculations or not, the Jaguar E-Type’s final design was nothing short of sexy. And that makes you, Mr Sayer, a designer.

Flash forward to 2011. Along comes Swedish automotive designer, Bo Zolland. Bo’s clearly a fan of the Jaguar E-Type. And who wouldn’t be? The images here are Bo Zolland’s vision of what the E-Type might look like in the 21st century.

Bo calls his Jaguar homage the Growler E 2011 Concept, and it takes design cues from the original version. and because no reborn legend should fall short, Bo Zolland would build it using the Jaguar XKR chassis, powered by a V8 tuned to 600 horsepower. Influences of Zolland’s design may have came from other cars which were influenced by the original Jaguar E-Type. We see a bit of Corvette, Nissan’s Z car and the headlights scream Bentley.

From the average auto enthusiasts standpoint it looks brilliant. I absolutely love the wire wheels. Your thoughts?


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