A Look at the Future Brought to You By Auto Racing

Just like NASA’s space program, auto racing programs foster inventions and discoveries that eventually trickle down to the public to make our lives better or easier in some capacity. The video below is from the eye of Tommy Milner, a racing driver piloting a Corvette C7.R for the Corvette Racing race program, and was taken during a practice session before the 24 Hours of Daytona race.

What I wanted to share with everybody is the technology in race cars these days…specifically the in dash display to the right. It IDs course traffic and informs the driver of overtakes by other racers, which side of the vehicle the overtake is happening, etc. Technology such as this is very useful stuff. Yes, this is a racing application but think of the possibilities. The technology is there and some of this stuff is bound to trickle down in to production street cars. You’re looking at the future.


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