Scott Speed, Red Bull GRC Champion

Scott Speed leading Red Bull GRC

Scott Speed, Red Bull Global Rallycross driver and defending Supercars Champion, joins Ike on the show to talk about what he’s looking forward to this year in GRC, why he’s so dominant at GRC (the amount of mud he flung all over the Right Foot Down staff in DC, including a rock in my eye, probably has something to do with it), and what it takes to make it in not only racing, but in life. They also discuss his past racing experiences in Formula 1 and what it feels like to have done something that less Americans have done than been on the moon, NASCAR, Indy Car, what it’s like to work with Team Andretti. Scott also tells us about his first sports car (a Porsche), what he drives day to day, his thoughts on self driving cars, why he lets Tanner Foust drive the rental cars, and much more.

Scott Speed
Photo credit: Red Bull Global Rallycross

I’ll have my eye on you in Thompson, CT, Scott – this time with protection!

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