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This week Ike chats with Matt Covert of Racers HQ, a podcast and online magazine geared toward helping aspiring race drivers get started in car racing. They talk about how Racers HQ came to be, how the podcast and magazine compliment each other, the numerous free resources available on the web site, how he gets high profile guests (recently he interviewed David Higgins of Subaru Rally Team USA), and Patrik Sandell’s dreamy eyes. They also discuss Matt’s background as a professional stunt driver, how stunt driving differs from race driving, why autocross and sim racing are great ways to get started, what the fast drivers are doing that the slow drivers aren’t, and the rise of women in motorsports. Finally they talk about cars Matt has owned, including some serious Subaru BRZ love (I’m with you 100% on that one), and Matt stumps Ike with his favorite car.

Listen here on mobile.

The Racers HQ podcast comes out every Monday. You can listen on the web site or through the other usual podcast channels (iTunes, Stitcher, etc.) Matt suggests starting with his interview with Tim O’Neil of Team O’Neil Rally School, and Ross Bentley of Speed Secrets.

You can also check him out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or drop him an email.


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