Apex ARC-8 Wheels Fitted to the E60

E60 535i with Apex ARC-8 wheels

The Apex Arc-8 Wheels are finally installed on my E60 535i! Fitting the massively deep concave 18×9.5 et22 ARC-8 wheels wasn’t 100% bolt-on. It required two minor modifications. First, I had to pull the pins from the strut hats and slap the struts inward for a minimal camber gain. I have not measured camber but it can’t be more than half a degree or so but when the fitment is tight every little bit counts. Next, a minimum of 7mm spacer was needed to push the wheels outward enough so the inner wheel lip cleared the struts. At the moment I’m running a 10mm spacer with ample clearance. If the wheel was to bend from impacting a large pothole or road debris I think the 10mm spacer would provide enough room whereas a 7 or 8mm spacer may not.

As it sits all clearances look good. The 245/40/18 tires are admittedly a little more stretched than I would have liked however eye-balling the fitment I think squeezing 255/40/18’s would take no additional work. With a light fender pull 275/35/18’s may even fit.

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