The Track is the Only Way to Understand the Subaru BRZ

So I brought the 2017 Subaru BRZ to Sanair speedway last weekend to test out its claimed seat-of-the-pants performance. Since the car now has 5 more horsepower, a reworked suspension and a shorter final gear, I figured I had all the firepower necessary to spend an afternoon at the track.

The BRZ is a car that must be experienced at the limit for it to be fully understood – so the racetrack was the obvious destination.

Although this was the first time I drove one, I was rather impressed with the car’s overall balance and fool-proof chassis dynamics. Even when purposely throwing it into a bend to get that rear end to go out, everything remained entirely controllable. That said, I must admit that during my time at the track, I became so confident, that I even attempted to take on some much more powerful competitors, such as this Campagna T-Rex.

14484852_1691950791124785_6225849360952751031_nAlthough much quicker than me in the straights, I was impressed at how well the little BRZ could tail him in the bends. While he was carefully massaging the throttle to prevent that rear wheel from lighting up, I’d have my Right Foot Down the entire time – my face paralyzed in grin mode.

Go check out my full review of the 2017 Subaru BRZ.

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