Eliminate E46 M3 Rasp Once And For All

Yonaka rasp eliminator pipe
Yonaka 2.5″ rasp eliminator pipe

If there’s one bad thing the E46 M3 is known for it’s, no, not that the chassis tears where the rear subframe mounts, or the rod bearings, or the VANOS. It’s the tinny, rasp of the exhaust at higher RPMs. Good news is there’s a few simple solutions.

But perhaps the cheapest option to help with rasp is to re-use a factory resonated pipe from the section 1. What you do is source a spare factory section 1. The factory section 1 has two pipes running parallel and connected with a metal tab. You’ll want to disconnect the two pipes and install the resonated pipe in place of the non-resonated pipe on your car. Copy + Paste, if you will.

While this does help, it does not totally eliminate the rasp. It eliminates half-ish. Also, there’s no performance to be gained as it retains the factory 2.36″ exhaust piping. If you like the rasp, just want a little less, this is a good place to start..

For those wanting to completely eliminate the rasp, enter Yonaka.

For less than $400, replace the section 1 with Yonaka Anti-Rasp pipes. As an added bonus, it uses 2.5″ piping to support increased power if you ever decide to upgrade to a premium header with 2.5″ outlets.

As I write, it’s on sale for $350 shipped and it’s definitely making it’s way into our Tuner’s Guide for the E46 M3.

Below is a before and after video of the Yonaka rasp eliminator pipe on a factory E46 M3. The second video clip shows the fitment.

Please support us buy purchasing yours through our affiliate link below!

We have a Yonaka Anti-Rasp Pipe on order for our own E46 M3 and can’t wait to get it installed and paired with our B&B muffler!

Bonus Video Review

YouTuber Steve Kish says “I didn’t mind the bad fitment on the one pipe which was easily fixed with a little grinding”.


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