About a year ago, motocross athlete Bryce Hudson started a Kickstarter for an all-natural industrial strength hand soap called GripClean. It had a secret, not so secret ingredient – DIRT. The Kickstarter project was successful, but GripClean did not stop there. Bryce Hudson found himself on popular ABC show Shark Tank and even obtained a partnership with one of the “Sharks.”

{Full disclosure – I was up watching a re-run of Shark Tank and thought this would be a unique review related to mechanics. I reached out to Bryce, and he sent me a bottle to review.}

Fast forward to now. GripClean is available online in 14oz bottles for $8.99, or  gallon dispensers for $95.99 (the refill bottle is $35.99). The product has the backing of plenty of automotive/extreme sports celebrities such as Subaru Rally Team USA.

The problem I have with any soap is I feel that, at most, you are just “waxing” your hands with soap instead of scrubbing dirt off. Imagine waxing a dirty car. You ruin the car’s paint, and in this case your skin. GripClean has texture to it due to the dirt inside, and you can feel it when working it through your hands. Initially it feels very awkward to use if you have not used a thick textured soap before, but I grew used to it and enjoy it now.

GripClean is not the first industrial strength soap on the market. Mechanics have been using strong soaps for years. The difference I feel comes down to something very small. You can walk into Home Depot, Lowe’s, even Walmart and find industrial hand soap, but the soap you will find is not packaged in what I call “welcome packaging.” The ones I have seen are packaged in bottles and tubs which more closely resemble degreaser than hand soap.

I could take a before-and-after picture of my hands, one dirty and one after using the soap, but I do not believe that can help with this product. Yes, it visibly cleaned my hands after doing an oil change on my wife’s SUV. But not only were my hands visibly clean, they felt clean, smooth, and exfoliated. Not sure I could convey the exfoliated-ness to you, so I figured I would stick with the facts.


  • All-natural
  • Thick/textured
  • Moisturizer/exfoliates skin
  • Welcome packaging


  • Can only be purchased online
  • Only two bottle sizes available

The Verdict

I could not see myself mail ordering $9.00 bottles of soap to replace every bottle of sink soap I have, but I will order a bottle to keep in the garage to clean up after dirty car jobs.


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