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JDM Legends

I’ll watch just about any car show on TV.  From the obvious, and epic, productions like Top Gear and Grand Tour, to more technical stuff like Wheeler Dealers and even brash Americana like Fast N’ Loud, I like it all.  But as a sucker for 90s Japanese cars, so when I saw a title like “JDM Legends“, I had to tune in.  Here’s a sneak peak:

The series premiere delivers a solid episode with shop manager Eric Bizek leading a customer build on a white Datsun 240Z at his shop in Salt Lake City.  It’s complete with the addition of a good bit of JDM parts, likely overnighted from Japan.  That includes a wonderful 3-carb engine mod, the addition of a new 5-speed, some Fairlady Z touches on the outside with cool fender flares by their body and paint guy Mauricio Rosales, and finally some great looking modernizations to the classic interior.  We get some sideline story diversions like the guys taking in a LHD Toyota Levin import that was already modded for a customer while it was resident in Japan.  They do a once-over and give the audience a decent overview of why the ’86 is important to Japanese car culture.  It made me want one by the end, mission accomplished.

The initial episode is probably more Wheeler Dealers than anything else, with fairly technical bits showing exactly how the work gets done in the shop.  For someone like me, it’s fantastic to see the older JDM stuff get brought back to life and I love seeing how it’s done.  For a non-enthusiast, or perhaps even an enthusiast who isn’t into JDM cars, it might be considered a little slow and low energy.  Eric is personable, and obviously very knowledgeable.  Other personalities are solid for the most part, but I hope that the unique substance is enough to carry what is overall a pretty low key and slow paced show.  Like I said, I dig the chill vibe and I can’t wait to see new episodes.  Give it a shot – Tuesdays at 9pm on Velocity.


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