Is the Volkswagen Jetta the Black Sheep of the VW Family?

With the stupidly perfect MQB Golf hanging around the block in all possible shapes and sizes, it’s hard to understand the purpose of the Volkswagen Jetta.

And with the MK6, VW doesn’t hide the fact that they’ve cut back on production costs in an attempt to sell the most affordable compact sedan on the market. Refinement is not on par with the rest of the VW lineup. Granted, 2015 brought major mechanical revisions to the Jetta in order to keep it in tune with its German roots. But even with these updates, it still kind of feels like the black sheep of the family. Ironically enough though, the Jetta is selling like hot cakes here in Quebec – because 15k German sedan.

That’s why I felt it was appropriate to take one out for a spin and give it a thorough review. I wanted to know: is the Jetta nameplate still relevant in a world where Volkswagen will sell you a compact hatchback that feels more premium than a late nineties Mercedes-Benz?

Click here to find out.


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