4 hour Report of Le Mans 24hr 2013

After 4 hours we are beginning to see how the race is playing out. Although this year’s race is with heavy hearts at the loss of Allan Simonsen on lap 3 in a massive crash at Terte Rouge. He was driving the GTE-AM leading #95 Aston Martin. This lead to a nearly hour long full course yellow. Once the green flew again, Toyota didn’t have as much fight as before. This maybe because the conditions are changing as much as  model changes her outfit on the runaway in Paris. One of the Toyota’s also lost a fuel pump, but managed to switch to a backup fuel pump without much issue or loss of time. Rain, semi-rain, no rain, mist and sunshine all in my lap. Lots of cars are having spins and gravel trap trips. LMP2 remains a battle with many of the front runners still within view of each other. LMP2 cars have been struggling with the changing conditions more than any other class. GTE classes have been ruled by Aston Martin so far even given the #95 incident. Many of the other GTE cars have been going off sometimes in tandem such as was the case about a hour ago when a corvette, Aston, and Ferrari all went off in Dunlop curves together without touching each other. It appears there is a dry line forming through most of the course.

Update in a few hours.


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