Why Does CARS.COM Hate 90s Japanese Performance?

FD Mazda RX7

You know where I stand on this topic if you read RFD.  I love 90s Japanese performance cars, even wrote an article about how they were exotic design without the exotic price tag.  Yes, I pined for Ferraris and Lamborghinis as a kid, but when I got my license circa 1992, all I wanted was an FD RX7 or a twin turbo Supra or 300ZX.  I actually purchased a 1988 Nissan Pulsar NX, which was sort of the poor man’s (FWD) Japanese performance car. It’s so awesome, I had to go to cardomain to find a good picture.  No, this isn’t mine (or maybe it is, hard to tell).

1988 Nissan Pulsar

So when I decided to help a certain RFD founder look for a good used car option (yes, he’s looking…again) I came across something.  Something startling.  Something that will make you question your own existence.  Well maybe not, but I thought it was newsworthy.

Cars.com will not help you buy a 90s performance car.  Want an RX7 of any generation?  Nope.

cars.com no RX7

It’s easy!  Let’s go!  Oh you want a Supra?  300ZX?  3000GT?  Nope!  Nope!  Nope!  (that line is pretty entertaining if you hear it in Aziz Ansari’s voice…see?)  So why does cars.com Hate 90s Japanese Performance?

cars.comYou can find yourself an Acura NSX, Mitsubishi Eclipse, Toyota MR2, and a handful of others but these are cars that lived on (sadly in some cases) in more recent iterations.  I assume this was done in an effort to trim down drop-down lists and simplify the buying experience?  Although one could point out that Mitsubishi still doesn’t have much to choose from, and having a 3000GT entry really wouldn’t change that.  I like cars.com, I have found several cars via their website, and I’ve sold several cars via their site.  But I guess if I want that RX7, I’ll have to go to a autotrader.com.

UPDATE: An eagle eyed reader over on our Kinja page pointed out that you can navigate your way through cars.com’s advanced search section and find the $50,000 Supra of your dreams.

Header image: defwalls.com


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