It’s Official, My Miata Wheels ARE The Rarest In The World

The Details

If you’re a Mazda Miata enthusiast you are probably a member of one of three different forums.  You have for the old school Miata nerds, you have Miata Turbo for the young guys attaching blowdryers to the Miata’s four cylinder engine, and finally Club Roadster  for those JDM Miata who don’t realize where they live. I’m one of those rare cats that is a member of all three forums, but I spend most of my time on, I’m an old soul.

Rare Miata WheelsSo why does any of this matter? Well because is the true source of all things Miata.  If you have a question about a Mazda Miata you go there.  Some of you might recall that a couple months back I sent out a call for help about my 1994 Mazda Miata wheels because I couldn’t figure out if they were stock or not.  It never got anywhere, but I mean is anybody really listening to me anyway… Bueller?  I ended up linking up with a Mazda historian in the Midwest who was able to tell me that it indeed was a Miata wheel. But that doesn’t mean anything unless it’s on the official MIATA WHEEL CHART of



And I’m proud to announce that today my wheels have been added to the Miata Wheel Chart on  These wheels will be forever cemented in history.  It also means when I go to sell my car, the value has gone up over night.


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