LA Auto Show 2018: BMW Group

BMW made a huge splash with some punchy comments leveled at Tesla…
The home of the self-described “Ultimate Driving Machine” is trying to get back to the history of that name. Since the F10 M5 came out, BMW has received criticism about loosing what made their M cars great; a great driving experience paired with an upscale, comfortable interior. With the new M5, BMW claims drivers can really feel what’s going through the suspension, a departure from the “electric” steering of the past, which was often described as numb. It also includes an AWD system which can be configured to send 100% of the power to the rear wheels, which should help you get the rear end more smokey in the corners.

BMW also showcased the i8 Convertible, with power-retractable roof, in a stunning Orange paint….

… in addition to the BMW i3s, a sport-variant of their staple plug -in hybrid.

Finally, BMW unveiled an “i” concept vehicle, designed to compete with the Model S. BMW says they’re aiming to be the number one seller of electric luxury vehicles, also adding that they don’t simply “Sit on twitter” and “break promises.” Ouch. It looks similar to the Model S, and should carry a significantly higher quality of interior trim.

Stay tuned for more coverage from LA!


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