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As you all know, I’ve owned quite a few cars over the years. Twenty [20], to be exact, since I received my license fifteen [15] years ago. Lots of research went in to the decision of each. A select few purchases were more notable than others. Majority of the cars were purchased to satisfy my desire to track and time attack my car. Some were owned just a few months before deciding it wasn’t going to do what I want. Others only took a few days to come to that realization. I have only renewed my vehicle registration on two.

The night Josh traded the STI for the MCS.
The night Josh traded the STI for the MCS.
Below is my car history list, in order, for the most. I lost track of the order of a few in between.

    85 Mustang GT
    91 Mustang 5.0 Vert (few bolt-ons)
    95 Mustang GT (everything modded)
    94 Integra GSR (turbo and track suspension)
    91 300ZX (sold early)
    93 E36 325is (track machine)
    91 NSX (minor bolt-ons)
    01 A4 (AWE’d out the ass)
    04 G35
    03 350Z (Nismo everything)
    97 E36 328i (supercharged)
    99 Corvette FRC (suspension, tuned and tires)
    01 IS300
    08 STI (Cobb’d)
    03 Cooper S (autocross spec’d)
    99 540i
    08 Z4 3.0si Coupe
    02 X5 4.4i
    07 E92 328i
    04 E46 M3

Josh's NSX on 495
I truly miss the NSX. The turbo Integra GS-R was crazy fun. The A4 and IS300 were disappointing. The Z4 3.0si was under rated in the fun department. I’ll probably go in to detail on each of these cars in later posts. There were plenty of lessons learned and personal discoveries through years of searching for the perfect car. The E46 M3 has been, hands down, the best combination of comfort and performance.

Josh's E46 M3
The E46 M3 has been my daily driver for the last 40k miles and I’ve been contemplating a replacement. The odometer rolled over 152k miles and I know costly maintenance items are just ahead. But there is also sentimental value. Its the car I picked up my fiance in on our first date. Silly? Maybe. I fear I’ll regret selling it.


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