Infographic: How Special Is It? 2015 Audi edition

So often during the car buying process you likely ask yourself, is the “special model” worth it?  That could mean evaluating lots of cars bearing letters like ST, M, STI, F, AMG, and in today’s analysis “S” and “RS”.  This is the first of a series of infographics focusing on just how “special” the special model is. We will roll through all of your favorite automakers and help you make that all important buying decision!

In today’s edition, we take a look at a sampling of Ingolstadt’s special cadre of fast cars, the RS5, S5 and S3, in an attempt to find out if they are really that much better than their less expensive, but less potent underlings?  We have data on the entire Audi S and RS line-up but thought these 2015 Audis were a nice place to start with.  So let our RFD infographic be your guide, there are more to come.

One thing is for sure, torque is expensive!

RFD Infographic - S3 vs A3


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