NYIAS 2017: Can We Talk For A Second About How Ugly The Honda Clarity Is?

Honda made the world debut of the Clarity at the 2017 New York International Auto Show (NYIAS)

…..And they should have just kept it behind the curtains (seriously).  The new Honda Clarity looks like a half-baked concept by Honda’s intern team.  It looks like Honda started to design the Clarity and forgot they left their pizza in the oven.  The new Honda Clarity looks like it was hit in the face by a Divsion II wrestler and left on the sidewalk to fend for itself.

uhhhh….uhhhhhh…. Honda where you asleep when you designed the Clarity?

Hybrid cars have a hard enough time selling on the showroom floor.  Honda has now given the Clarity the worst handicap ever.  It’s like Honda wanted it to fail.  It’s like the engineering team never wanted it to happen.

Can you tell I think the Honda Insight is ugly?

A couple weeks back Will Byrd (RFD’s Editor-in-chief) gave Honda some shit for the Honda Civic Type R.  A 300 horsepower Civic with a wing. I admit it’s outlandish but it serves a purpose for the enthusiast crowd.  But the new Honda Clarity looks like something I doodled on paper during my 6th-grade grade history class.

I think that guys suit might be worse than the Honda Clarity

I’m not convinced that Honda is committed to this electric car thing (even though Honda announced today that they want two-thirds of their cars sold to be electrified by 2030).  Because if they were they would have put some effort into the Honda Clarity.

Let’s get this straight – I hate the Toyota Prius.  And it’s not exactly a looker either.  But for the love on god, the Honda Clarity makes the Prius look like a supermodel.  The Honda Clarity makes the Toyota Prius look like a logical choice of car (dare I say a desirable car?!?!).

Really Honda, Really? Those wheels hurt my heart

Honda please take the Clarity back and improve the design. Just please – do it for the kids.

  1. I saw one on the street today. It turned my head, but not for the right reasons! U G L Y – this car has no alibi, it’s ugly, yeah yeah it’s ugly!

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