Spotlight: Herb Lumpp’s 1966 Chevelle SS

When on the topic of track-day toys we don’t often think of the 60’s. A few months back while walking around the local car show in Sterling, VA on a Friday evening I found a unique GM A-body owned by Herbert Lumpp. Herb acquired this 1966 Chevelle SS from a friend in non-running condition as trade for Herb’s ’76 Corvette. The Chevelle was completely torn down and rebuilt into what we have today – a total track monster.

Herb 67 Chevelle SS 071_rfd
The internally forged 468ci engine sports AFR 305 heads, a .612″ lift cam and an 850CFM carburetor mounted atop of an Edelbrock Victor Jr. intake.

Herb 67 Chevelle SS 061_rfd
A McLeod Street Twin clutch and flywheel combo puts the power down through a TKO-600RR transmission while a Ron Davis Racing radiator keeps the temperatures in check.

Herb 67 Chevelle SS 001_rfd
The result is a whopping 620hp and 570tq. Top speed? 170+ MPH.

Herb 67 Chevelle SS 005_rfd
Out back you’ll find a Fab9 rear with Richmond 3.25 gears and a True Trac differential turning 31 spline Stange SS axles.

Herb 67 Chevelle SS 049_rfd
A combination of SPC and Global West suspension components keep body roll to a minimum while brakes courtesy of the C5 Corvette slow this Chevelle down from 175 MPH. Yes, those are Forgeline SP3P wheels which are held in place by ARP 1/2″ studs.

Herb 67 Chevelle SS 032_rfd
Then there’s the aerodynamics. A custom front splitter supplies both down force and additional brake cooling while a rear trunk spoiler applies sufficient (we hope) down force to the BFGoodrich 295’s.

Herb 67 Chevelle SS 030_rfd
Herb’s future plans include converting to electronic fuel injection, converting to a hydraulic clutch, tweaking the suspension a bit, and getting as much seat time as possible.

Herb 67 Chevelle SS 089_rfd
Look for Herb’s Chevelle on the cover of magazines, cruising around northern Virginia or blowing your doors off on a road course. Fantastic car Herb!

  1. Herb is a freind of mine, I have been fortunate enough to ride in this car and this is some peice of machinery. These pictures are awesome but until you see this car up close your really missing out.

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