StanceWorks Meet, Spring 2013

This afternoon Sean and I took a drive up to Annapolis,MD to cover the StanceWorks meet taking place in the corner of a Sam’s Club parking lot. Attendance wasn’t bad, there were a couple hundred cars and most of which were European (contrary to the photos). The theme was the stance and there were plenty of slammed cars and poke to be seen.

In no particular alphabetical order, we start with an Audi! This is the B6 chassis looking clean as F* on polished BBS wheels!

And comparing to the Audi B7 chassis. This one is stanced a little more extreme.

Will Wang’s BMW M3 with the chrome hood and polished Work wheels stand out from the E46 crowd.

The mid-project look of this Mercedes Benz was really something else. Can’t wait to see the finished product, unless this is it…

A closer look at the Benz shows a custom louvered hood that was an awesome touch of craftsmanship and taste.

And a view from behind the driver’s seat. Just look at all of those vents!

And now a departure from the Europeans to bring you the best of the Japanese imports. The G35 is 90% of the 350Z with a little extra space and creature comforts. One may argue a stanced G35 on Volk SF Challenge wheels looks better, too.

Staying with Nissan, we have this 95-96 240x making a serious intimidation statement with those wheels and tires.

Upon closer inspection, we see exactly why. A single turbo 2JZ engine probably warrants that rubber.

Moving to Honda, this Integra with the roll bar, Recaro seats and Japanese from end is looking very purpose built.

Something about electron blue pearl Honda Civic hatchbacks that look so good sitting on polished wheels. The red Recaro seats knock it out of the park.

This clean Honda S2000 was one of my favorites of the day.

The stance looked perfect. Not too low, not too much poke. Just right to be daily drivable and multifaceted.

Sometimes you want to pop the hood so bad you need an excuse, like checking the oil or power steering fluid level.

This Lexus IS250 looked so right.

Lexus designers really smoothed out the lines of the GS. This one with a drop and large wheels is looking very dapper.

Mazda MX-5’s have been gaining popularity as well and this one caught my eye today.

Eventually the police showed up and forced everyone to disperse. It didn’t appear that there was an alternatively parking lot so Sean and I rolled back home to Virginia. Check out more photos here.

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