Freshly painted helmet

Yes!! Finally got my helmet back from my good friend and helmet painter, Bill Schofield. His company, williamdesignworks, specializes in vinyl and graphics as well as helmet painting. Huge thanks to Bill for his amazing paintwork and thanks to Jeff Shaw of Collision Craft for clear coating the helmet.

This is his 3rd or 4th helmet he has ever painted, but at first glance you’d expect it was done by someone with even more experience. He truly outdid himself.

I have the Korean flag on top, American stars & stripes along the bottom. The stars on the front chin bar are also inspired by legendary Austrian racer (and VW representative/motorsport consultant) Hans-Joachim Stuck and the rear sections are inspired by the ‘Drift King’, former Japanese racer (and SuperGT team manager) Keiichi Tsuchiya.

The red part of the yin-yang or taeguki is very sparkly in direct sunlight and so are the silver stars up front. There is a slight fade from dark blue to a pearl blue that wraps around the rest of the helmet. The VW, RedBull and Castrol logos are vinyl, so I can rip off easily after the season is over. The rear gold emblem and Chinese characters is my family crest.

From concept:

…to realization:

I can’t wait for Portland. Freshly painted helmet and bringing along new sponsors. Should be an exciting weekend.


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