Dropping by BMW’s M Town Tour

Not known to many, but known in the BMW enthusiast circles that BMW like’s to throw a bunch of events to get you in their performance vehicles.

I have covered BMW’s M Track Days before, there is also the traveling Ultimate Driver competition, but the new easy way to play with some M cars is BMW’s M Town Tour.

The M Town Tour brings a select few of BMW’s M offerings to your local dealership for you to play with. I know what you are thinking. You go there and are going to be hounded to buy the vehicle by BMW salesmen. I am happy to tell you there was no pressure to buy anything, not even from the BMW M apparel table.

Enough of talking about logistics, on to the cars.

BMW brings the M2 Competition, M340i, X3 M Competition, M5 Competition, and the M850i xDrive Convertible. You get to drive all of the cars without a passenger watching you with the exception of the M850i I learned on the forums. I assume because it is an over $100k vehicle.

For my M Town Tour experience, I hit up BMW of Catonsville, located in Maryland. It is about a 1 hour and change drive from my home, but it is within minutes of the area I spent 25 years of my life growing up in.

I personally signed up only for the M2 Competition. The BMW M Town Tour crew was very accommodating and true enthusiasts. I arrived about 40 minutes before my scheduled slot and they let me go out and play with the M2 early since the person before my time slot never showed. Their loss.

When I returned the M Town Tour crew even let me go and do another loop again in my actual time slot. Check out the footage below.

After I got back with the M2 Competition, I was asked if I wanted to drive anything else. While the M5 Competition did catch my eye, it was booked up with people actually showing up in their time slot.

I previously had some time with the Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio and I wanted to see what BMW’s offering in that segment was all about. No one was scheduled to take the BMW X3 M Competition out, so it called my name. Check out the footage below.

After my stint in the X3 M Competition, I felt my time waiting around for a M5 Competition opening needed to come to a close. They thanked me for visiting, handed me a ///M branded hat for my time, and off I went. No pressure to buy any BMW, I just left with a BMW driving experience.

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