2018 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb – Practice Day 2

Ahh… the upper level section of Pikes Peak. The thin air, the never ending clouds, and occasionally a random time attack car.  Today I was situated over an area known as ‘Bottomless Pit’, which is considered that for good reason. Many a driver have met their event end with brake failures on this, one of the very few sections that go ‘downhill’ on the climb.

It was extremely cloudy, casting a thick fog over the Time Attack and Porsche Cup group. In addition to the weather delays, today’s practice was cut short by an incident involving a pickup towing a large diesel generator, which blocked the entire road in the lower section at 3:35am, just as drivers were making their way up to their respective sections.

Enjoy the photos of the upper section and the Time Attack cars, as we continue to follow Victor Kuhns and his Subaru crew as they campaign an Impreza RS in the Time Attack class.



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