Speciale indeed – Build your own Ferrari 458 Speciale.

There is a new Ferrari and it is molto speciale.  Ferrari says the 458 Speciale is set apart from the 458 Italia from which it is derived, and even better than the previous Challenge Stradale and 430 Scuderia special series.  I have driven the “regular” 458 on a track and it was a amazing experience.  Having just gotten out of Lamborghini’s Gallardo Superleggera, I have to say, the Ferrari was better.  Much better.  So I can’t wait to see this new special edition in action.

Ferrari will now let you build your own.  Check it out, their online configurator is now online.  Post your favorite configuration.  Here’s mine.  I went with carbon fibre.  And a lot of it.


  • External colours: Canna di Fucile (historical)
  • Livery: Blu Nart


Rims & Calipers

  • Rims: 20″ forged dark painted rims
  • Brake Caliper Colour: Rosso Scuderia brake calipers

Body Components

  • Carbon fibre front flaps
  • Front airvents in carbon fibre
  • Carbon fibre hub cap
  • Fuel cap in carbon fibre
  • Carbon underdoor cover
  • Carbon fibre rear flaps
  • Carbon fibre engine cover
  • ‘Scuderia Ferrari’ shields
  • Titanium sport pipes


Colours & Materials

  • Interior: Nero
  • Stitching: Rosso
  • Carpets: Coloured extracarpets with Logo
  • Tunnel: Alcantara central tunnel
  • Arch: Alcantara wheel arches



  • Seat Style: Carbon fibre Racing seats
    Colour centre area seats+Headliner: Rosso


  • Coloured steering wheel: Rosso


So that’s mine, let’s see yours!

Source: www.ferrari.com


Will is an automotive writer and regular contributor to Right Foot Down. Based in Maryland, he has had a long history of founding failed automotive sites and spending way too much time on car forums. He has owned “too many Mustangs” according to Josh and has a fetish for RWD V8s. He spent most of his 20s on tracks in the mid-atlantic and killing cones in parking lots and has even taught at a teen performance driving school.


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